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The Netwoods Foundation was born in 2015 after the desire to support the conservation of our ecosystems and contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact that is generated day by day. This is done mainly with the support of the company Grupo NW SAS, who donate a percentage for each product sold.

The sole purpose of our foundation is to plant trees in areas affected by human activities and natural disasters. We have planted more than 50,000 native trees in different parts of Colombia, such as Medellín, Cali, Mosquera, Cota and Bogotá.

Thanks to the companies and individuals that have made this contribution possible to our ecosystems.

This is just the beginning!


We hope to support the recovery of many more places in our country.



Reforest all areas affected by natural hazards or human activities that have transformed the landscape.



To be a non-profit organization worldwide recognized for the promotion of respect, care and restoration of nature.

Support Tracking Figures



In the period between 1966 and 1998, 16.8 million hectares of forest were cleared in the country; This amounts to rounded figures at an average deforestation rate of 500,000 hectares per year.

Therefore we must be aware of the social problem in the burning and felling of trees. In the last 50 years approximately 25 million hectares have been cleared in Colombia.



We are a non-profit foundation. We have the contributions made by NW GROUP, who for each project, allocate a percentage for the fulfillment of our objectives.



Through the correct planning of each activity, the organization of resources and mobile technology, the geographical coordinates of each tree planted will be obtained.

With this, we will carry out an inventory of our operations and virtually associate the trees planted to who has contributed to this work. We will also show the locations on this page publicly.



We carry more than 50.000 trees planted. We initiate projects of: construction of nurseries, new agreements with land to reforest, internationalization and environmental compensation. We remain committed to reforestation.

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Corporate Name: Tree Network Foundation

NIT: 900.826.384-3


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