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Without trees we could not enjoy water, oxygen, fruits, birds, among others...

Therefore, it is vitally important that we help the most vulnerable areas by planting a tree. The trees that we plant will have the purpose of capturing CO 2 emissions by converting it into oxygen, also to prevent soil erosion, control runoff from the land, among others.

It's time to help the planet, adopt a tree, make your donation and you will receive a donation certificate with the coordinates of the tree.

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You have 3 ways to give your contribution, from adopting a tree or a group of them to supporting the formation of an entire native forest.

We invite you to contribute to this cause that benefits us all.

A tree


Adopta un arbol

$26,500 per tree.

It includes:

Adopta un arbol

Virtual donation certificate in the name of the person who made the donation.

Adopta un arbol

Publication on our social networks and website of the activity carried out.

Adopta un arbol


Adopta un arbol


Adopta un arbol


Adopta un arbol


Adopta un arbol


In our mission to restore and conserve our native forests, we have found vital allies willing to cooperate in this commitment to caring for the environment.

Local communities do a great job as guardians of our natural heritage, helping to maintain our crops and providing native tree species from their nurseries. By helping to conserve these spaces, we also build joint support networks.

We invite you to contribute to this cause that benefits us all.

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Adopt a Tree
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Tracking with technology

The Red de Arboles Foundation has its own software that allows it to keep track of the plantations carried out, quickly and easily.

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