Did you know that planting trees benefits not only the environment, but also the surrounding community?

It provides sustenance for the soil, fixes carbon dioxide and regulates the water cycle to increase the water supply in the area, among other benefits.

Why carry out maintenance sessions?


After planting trees, it is essential to carry out maintenance sessions that verify their proper growth and ensure that there are no diseases or pests that compromise their development.

In addition, it is necessary to keep an organized record of the information found in each maintenance, in order to have greater control of the planted species and to be able to identify possible problems more quickly. This is possible thanks to an application that allows data to be collected from the cell phone and stored in software, in order to then carry out follow-up reports and comparison tables immediately.

For this reason, the Tree Network Foundation proposes to carry out periodic maintenance that guarantees up to 95% survival of the planted trees, giving greater confidence and ease to companies that require this type of activity.

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What is a maintenance day?

It is a day different activities necessary to guarantee the survival of the planted trees are carried out, these must be done in both rural and urban ecosystems and for a minimum time of 3 years.

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Control of invasive or unwanted vegetation:

Eliminate unwanted vegetation that is within the area and that could prevent the correct growth of seedlings.

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Apply fertilizer, preferably organic, to seedlings that have nutrient deficiencies.

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Control of insects and/or pathogens:

Depending on the type of insect or pathogen and the phytosanitary status of the seedling, the pesticide is chosen.

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Eliminate the branches that present some type of abnormal growth that presents a risk both for the growth of the tree and for its environment.

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Remove the vegetable layer that is around the seedling, in order to remove the clods and facilitate the development of its root system.

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Replace the seedlings that due to extreme situations could not survive.

Additional tools


The Red de Arboles Foundation has software and an application specially designed to keep track of the maintenance carried out on the seedlings, the novelties found during it can be recorded, in addition to the height, diameter, species, among other data.

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