Help us to save the planet, planting trees

"Trees exhale so that we can inhale them and stay alive.
Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees until our
last breath".
Munhia Khan


Thank you!

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Tree Network Foundation

Our mission is to reforest all those areas affected by natural risks or human activities that have transformed the landscape.

We are convinced of the importance of preserving and recovering these natural spaces by planting trees, conserving the characteristics of the environment and improving the possibilities of both water and life.

We want to plant trees all over the world. JOIN!

By 2024 we will exceed more than 147.466  trees planted

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If you would like to help us by making a donation, you can do so here. We will be sending you photos of your adopted tree.

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If you want to be a volunteer and attend our sowings completely free, register at this link. Let's plant trees!

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Make all the members of your organization live an experience of awareness and collective work. Sow with us!

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Meet some sowings that we have carried out with organizations in different parts of our country

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Thanks to FEISA for planting 500 trees in Mexico.

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The Tree Network Foundation, in compliance with its promise to plant trees, arrived on November 27 to the BITEL (Leticia Intelligence and Training Battalion) since this Battalion generously granted the land on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th they planted trees. 5,000 trees with the support of @amazonasfest that are with this environmental commitment, as compensation for the response on Social Networks of the Campaign THE AMAZON NEEDS YOU.

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Fundación Red de Arboles thanks all the people who have been volunteers in our calls. We know that they are the strength of our foundation and for this reason, today we thank them for believing in us. We look forward to more years and trees planted together.

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Our Testimonials

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DHL Supply Chain Canada

"Excellent accompaniment... super professional, loving and they make the activity very special."

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Liberty Logo

Liberty Insurance Colombia

"They were pending, punctual and very kind."

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Colpatria Logo

Scotiabank Colpatria Colombia

"The whole day was perfect... Thank you very much for the activity."

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Ana Florez

Ana Maria Florez Quinones

"Fantastic... they accompanied us in the planting. Everyone treated us very well"

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Know the most recent Sowings we have made this month

Green Marketing known as Eco-Marketing or GreenMarketing, is a marketing area destined to advertise different ecofriendly products, with the increasement of competition companies find harder and harder to differentiate which is why brands have been evolving, using techniques that allows them to change the features of their products or services in order to have a better position in their consumer’s minds.   The world is facing an environmental chaos and the strategies to stop its deg...
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What is carbon footprint?   According to the Ministry of Environment, the carbon footprint is defined as « The set of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly or indirectly by people, organizations, products, events or geographic regions, in terms of CO2 equivalents, and serves us as a useful management tool to know the behaviors or actions that contribute to increase our emissions ».   Each person generates a different CO2, and according to the Sustainable ...
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Before planting, please concentrate on perennial weeds. Grass and weeds can be eliminated using a non-selective systemic herbicide or by covering up the ground with black plastic from one to three months. When you are planting, you should know that groundcovers require minimal maintenance once they are established and remember that after the first season, you should water as necessary ; only during dry periods of autumn and summer. Monitoring is essential because according to the Ministry o...
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To preserve planet earth’s natural resources with great forests and natural wonders such as coral reefs, it is necessary to understand the importance of forests and biodiversity in Colombia, therefore, environmental responsability must be discussed.     What is environmental responsability It is the positive or negative impact that someone has on other species and from a positive perspective as rational human beings, we must consider the ability to discern about earth’s...
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GET READY, it's time to plant a tree.

Our activities take place any day of the week.

We are in the next places, in Colombia: Cajicá, Cundinamarca. Choachi, Cundinamarca. Cota, Cundinamarca.

Guatavita, Cundinamarca. Rionegro, Antioquia. Lebrija, Santander. Paramo de Sumapaz, Sibaté. Subachoque,

Cundinamarca. Malambo, Atlántico. Pradera, Valle del Cauca. Ibagué, Tolima. And Lomas de Paraíso in Lima, Perú

Also, we will be in the mexican states of: Mexico, Querétaro, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Michoacan.

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