"Planting a tree is creating life, making history, forming illusions ...
It is the search for a more conscious society and a planet for all. "


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Red de Árboles Foundation

Our mission is to reforest all those areas affected by natural hazards or human activities that have transformed the landscape.

We are convinced of the importance of preserving and recovering these natural spaces by planting trees, preserving the characteristics of the environment and improving the possibilities of life and water.

We want to plant trees all over the world. Cheer up!

We have approximately 70,000 trees planted by 2020

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Online Donations

If you want to help us by giving a donation, you can do it here. We will be sending you photos of your adopted tree.

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Voluntary plantings

If you want to be a volunteer and attend our plantings completely free/en-US/empresas/en-US/business, register at this link. Let's plant trees!

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Business crops

Make all the members of your organization live an experience of awareness and collective work. Sow with us!

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Our work

Get to know some planting sites that we have carried out in different parts of our country

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Last Plantings

Get to know some of the crops we have made

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After making the donation, we will contact you to email you the donation certificate.

Donations will be used to plant trees, carry out maintenance, protection, care and vindication of the human being with the planet

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Our activities take place on Saturdays.

Places: Serranía El Majuy, Tabio, Tenjo, Soacha, Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla