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The Use Of New Technologies in Tree Plantation

The Use Of New Technologies in Tree Plantation

Before planting, please concentrate on perennial weeds. Grass and weeds can be eliminated using a non-selective systemic herbicide or by covering up the ground with black plastic from one to three months. When you are planting, you should know that groundcovers require minimal maintenance once they are established and remember that after the first season, you should water as necessary ; only during dry periods of autumn and summer. Monitoring is essential because according to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, monitoring« is considered a comprehensive process that includes the systematic collection, analysis and dissemination of forest-related data, and the derivation of information and understanding at regular interludes to allow monitoring of changes over time ».



Trees and Apps

A tree inventory, is a document that collects tree data, including photographs, information on their health status, dendrometric features and this is achieved, effectively, thanks to mobile apps since they simplify the development of different tasks, for example, data collection on the field is also related to a forest inventory, a catalog of unique trees or maintenance of green spaces.



Reforest Apps

When we take this wonderful initiative of planting a tree, we must think it is not only planting a tree as a volunteer, to be environmentally responsible and be consistent with the action, it is necessary to plant and supervise, and to do it in an easy and dynamic way, we can use Reforest Apps since this software helps manage the unique features unit by unit, manage the maintenance and monitoring staff and control the daily budgets, it also has a budget approval system and the best thing is that it has an offline mode for data collection and field georeferencing. You can go to the farthest paramo and take the data without even phone signal.


A software and an app designed to take control of the maintenance done to the seedlings, is what defines Reforest Apps, their novelties can be registered, additionally height, diameter, species among other data that are important for Good planting control


Tools like apps will make monitoring simple and dynamic, so get to know Reforest Apps, so you can use new technologies in tree planting.


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