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Law 2173 of 2021: Promoting restoration in Colombia

Law 2173 of 2021: Promoting restoration in Colombia

Through Law 2173 of 2021, national government seeks to promote ecological restoration in national territory by planting trees and creating new forests. With this law, three fundamental aspects are stipulated, below we will tell you which ones and we highlight some important considerations of this law.


Citizen’s environmental awareness

Citizens who plant native trees to offset their carbon footprint will have the posibility of being recognized with a Siembra Vida Buen Ciudadano certificate that will allow them to access multiple benefits.


Companies’ environmental civil liability

Starting in 2023, medium and large companies must include within their environmental management measures, a planting program in living areas yhat includes the annual planting of at least two (2) trees per employee. It is important to keep in mind that these initiatives are different from those required by environmental licenses or procedures. Micro and small companies can also join this initiative by their own choice.



Territorial entities’ environmental commitment

The creation of Life Areas will be in charge of municipal mayors, under the guidance of the Autonomous Regional and Sustainable Development Corporations among other authorities and environmental establishments, which must be environmental interest areas. In the same way, they will prepare strategies that encourage the community, non-profit and private actors to manage, preserve and monitor Lfe Areas.


If you wish to consult the complete law and know its benefits, you can do it at the following link


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