Donating trees, donating oxygen to the world!

Your donation will reach different parts of the Colombian territory, preserving the dynamics of natural ecosystems. Together we can contribute for a sustainable future.

In recognition of your contribution, you will receive a Donation certificate with the georeference of your trees.



Foundation year



Trees planted



Sowings made



Donor companies


1 tree

Donate $ 26,500


2 trees

Donate $ 53,000


4 trees

Donate $ 106,000


6 trees

Donate $ 159,000


8 trees

Donate $ 212,000


10 trees

Donate $ 265,000


Voluntary contribution


Why donate?

There are three main reasons to donate and help plant more trees.


Climate change mitigation

Trees are par excellence generators of oxygen by capturing CO 2 , they retain suspended particles in the environment, regulate the climate and reduce noise.



Shared value

With your donation, the Red de Arboles Foundation develops strategies of shared value in the planting territories, meeting the public and private sectors and communities.



Protection of biodiversity

Trees are the shelter and food for native fauna such as birds, new ecological corridors are created, while benefiting water sources.

Our programs

If you want to contribute in another way, these are the options to do so:


In honor of a loved one

You can commemorate the life of your loved one by sowing life in the woods. Login here.

Adopt a tree

Business crops

Promote a sustainable reactivation in your organization and its members. Plant a forest with your company!

Plant trees

Give a tree

If you want to give a gift to a special person you can do it here and contribute against deforestation.

Gift tree

Corporate social responsibility

We have a recognized experience in Corporate Social Responsibility , providing a clear solution of value to the sustainability policy of any company. Join this network for the conservation and recovery of the environment, with more than 200 donors from the private sector .


We need you!

Time is limited! We can cope with climate change by planting many trees.


We are experts in reforestation.


You can also help animals, with our HELPERS project.

Watch video Fundacion

"We had an excellent experience with the Tree Network, we felt accompanied throughout the process not only in terms of safety but also contextualization and awareness, their guides are extremely qualified and their attitude, reflection and accompaniment is incomparable."

“First of all, very grateful to you for the incredible work and management on your part, our experience was very nice, we are all very happy with the way the activity was carried out, although we had some mishaps to get there, it was not an impediment to The beautiful work that we managed to carry out, in truth, thank you very much, for such a strong commitment to the environment, thank you very much and continue strong with that project, we will be in contact for our next day of sowing. Thanks."

“The experience is very good since I can contribute to improving the environment in a very practical and effective way, I know that my contribution will be used by an organization that knows what kind of trees and it is better to plant them, I like that They specifically send me the place they plant my donations and a diploma that can be issued in the name of relatives who I give them gifts and they like very much to know that it is in their name and they were planted.

Stay strong in this purpose of making the world a better place for us and for future generations and thank you for doing this work that for some people it may be difficult to do it directly, but with your donations you can contribute, that is why it is very important that you give to know why many people would be willing to join this cause. "

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