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Join our foundation by participating in planting activities, you can go with your company and collaborators as a gesture of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have planted more than 90,200 trees, join us!

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Red de Árboles non-profit

Our mission is to reforest all those areas affected by natural risks or human activities that have transformed the landscape.

We are convinced of the importance of preserving and recovering these natural spaces by planting trees, conserving the characteristics of the environment and improving the possibilities of life and water.

We're already planting trees in Colombia, Perú and México!

We have planted approximately 90,200 trees by 2022

Reasons to choose Tree Network Foundation

We have a history of more than 4 years.

We have an app and software


of follow up

technical crops


aimed at trees surviving

We reforest land


that have been affected by human causes

We support strategic ecosystems


such as paramos and high Andean forest, benefiting the entire surrounding community

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Online donations

If you would like to help us by making a donation, you can do so here. We will be sending you photos of your adopted tree.

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voluntary planting

If you want to be a volunteer and attend our sowings completely free, register at this link. Let's plant trees!

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business crops

How could your company increase its impact, differentiating itself by its ability to generate economic, environmental and social wealth, with its stakeholders? Plant trees.

business planting

Our business crops

Sowings with business groups of all ages, who seek to make people aware of the environmental impact generated day by day and the ways to reduce it, to make their economic activity sustainable and sustainable over time.

They have planted with us!

It is very easy to plant


sign up

Register in the form, with a few data you can do it, it is very easy.


we contact you

We send you the necessary information according to what you are looking for in reforestation.


To sow!

After organizing details we can go to plant

Logistics of our days

For each reforestation day, a previous design is made, which allows identifying the optimal species for the place and its suitable location.

On the day of the event, the foundation's staff is responsible for taking a series of data, such as height, diameter and coordinates, which allow the monitoring of all planted species.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a Non-Profit Foundation, we are working with resources from companies that are interested in the conservation and recovery of the environment, through collaborators who have a deep social commitment to actions that can contribute to the construction of a conscious society with the consumption of its resources.

Latest Plantings

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