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What Is Green Marketing And What Advantages Does It Bring?

What Is Green Marketing And What Advantages Does It Bring?

Green Marketing known as Eco-Marketing or GreenMarketing, is a marketing area destined to advertise different ecofriendly products, with the increasement of competition companies find harder and harder to differentiate which is why brands have been evolving, using techniques that allows them to change the features of their products or services in order to have a better position in their consumer’s minds.


The world is facing an environmental chaos and the strategies to stop its degradation are increasing, knowing this, companies are developing innovations that improve their productive processes, therefore, the impact on the ecosystem will be as little as possible.


This is why Green Marketing develops tactics with the object to improve product’s quality through efforts that produce, promote and market environmental responsible items, taking advantage of the fact that consumers now make their purchases thinking about taking care of the ecosystem, therefore, it can be deduced that Green Marketing are those good practices that companies develop to look after the environment.


These type of strategies are determined by success factors as getting the right segment to which the product or service is directed, this requires increasing efforts when it comes to identifying the public and prices must be competitive,and although in some cases ecofrienfly products can be more expensive, they are also synonimous with reduced prices since in the production chain the transformation processes are done with zero waste which gives the entrepeneur a margin to offer competitive prices.


Innovation is a key factor when the company wants to be associated with Green Marketing, hence the importance of being extremelly careful with the information given in advertising campaings if the company wants to be known as respectful to the environment.


Nevertheless, entrepeneurs who develop ecofriendly products have their retractors, there have been cases they want to take advantage of this new way of living and brand their items as ecological, however, there have been discovered companies that deceive their customers and for this reason there are comunities that persecute fraudulent businesses with green labels on their brands.


The truth is that currently, information systems help costumers to have more clarity about what they are really buying, reviews on virtual stores, comments on social media and complaints, force companies to offer products made with clean processes and to share honest information, when they are trying to represent the Green Marketing.


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