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The Importance Of Forests and Biodiversity In Colombia

The Importance Of Forests and Biodiversity In Colombia

To preserve planet earth’s natural resources with great forests and natural wonders such as coral reefs, it is necessary to understand the importance of forests and biodiversity in Colombia, therefore, environmental responsability must be discussed.



What is environmental responsability

It is the positive or negative impact that someone has on other species and from a positive perspective as rational human beings, we must consider the ability to discern about earth’s care, our home, thinking about how to act coherently from a consumption point of view for the environment sustainable development, and from a business point of view, compensatory obligations must be exercised because when a company takes advantage of a natural resource, it should replace what has been spent.


Therefore, the environmental responsability indicates that an obligation must be exercised over those entities that take advantage of or use natural resources for a specific reason but conservation should exist as an objective to promote green culture or energy saving. Showing us that companies have a commitment to the environment and future generations.




Also known as biological diversity, it is the main axis that revolves around our mother earth and it is composed of different species and ecosystems, in colombian territory this provides us with great beauty and extension of unique wildlife, not only as a result of location, geography and different climates, but also by the variety of species as a result of millions of years of evolution.



Some relevant facts

“Colombia has an estimated of 55.343 species without considering the huge diversity of existing microorganisms”.

“A total of 1503 species would be traded according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora criteria ».


  • Colombia owns the first place in bird and orchid species.


  • Owns the second place in the world in richness of plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish.


  • We are the third country in number of palm and reptile species.





Due to the importance of forests and the great biodiversity we have we can be considered a rich country, it also allows us to understand the great abundance we have, which is why we must fight, protect and be sure to make good use of it.


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