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We work with companies that understand the importance of combining business development with social prosperity, as a business strategy in which they redefine themselves as a component of wealth not only for themselves but also for their environment. This makes them different organizations, with a higher order purpose.

Being a Non-Profit Foundation, we are working with resources from companies that are interested in the conservation and recovery of the environment, through collaborators who have a deep social commitment to actions that can contribute to the construction of a conscious society with the consumption of its resources.

We are currently carrying out this type of activity in La Serranía de Cota, Soacha, La Mesa, Villavicencio, El Cesar, among others, thanks to the collaboration of entities such as the Municipal Mayor's Office of Cota, the Municipal Agricultural Technical Assistance Unit (UMATA) , Governments and hundreds of volunteers who have joined this work that grows more every day; the fact of involving different institutions generates a greater commitment and responsibility in the face of the environmental situation of our city and, why not mention it, the difficult panorama at the world level. today we want to make known and share part of these experiences.


Entrepreneur, count on us to help you change the world.

Cordially, Trees Network Foundation

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